Merchandising for Father’s Day

Merchandising for Father's DAy


With Father’s Day just around the corner, shopping for dad can be quite a hassle. What does he want? Will he like this? How much should I spend? All of these questions turn into frustration because, let’s face it, finding a gift that embraces practicality AND sentimentality to satisfy a man is a difficult feat.

To ease your customers’ Father’s Day shopping woes, try merchandising store displays with dad-related themes. Point them into the right direction for the perfect gift.

Here are a few of our suggestions to get your store prepped for June 21st!


For the “business-type” of guy, gifts that are office appropriate are the most sought after – neckties, cuff links, brief cases, portfolio books, dress socks, etc. Merchandise your office-friendly goods using belt and tie racks, locking display cases (for small, valuable merchandise) and wood bases to elevate key products to eye level. Check out these ideas:Merchandising for Father's Day













Cigar smoking gents would love to receive the obvious… cigars! To feature your array of cigars and accessories, opt for classic clean-cut displays to bring out the natural color palette of the cigars’ characteristics. See below for some ideas:Merchandising for Father's Day













Customers looking for tools for dad, consider industrial displays, such as metal and pipe. Chain link inspired fixtures will complement and boost the appeal of items like tool boxes, hammers, screws, tool belts, etc. See below:Merchandising for Father's Day













If your customer’s father is a know-it-all movie buff, let your merchandise catch their attention! Products like DVDs, candy boxes, popcorn makers and movie ticket bundles are lively and need no distracting store fixture to downplay their appeal. Try subtle displays like the ones you see here:Merchandising for Father's Day













Tech gadgets such as smart phones, smart watches, base bumping headphones and nifty USB drives will excite the “techie” in your customers’ family. Boost your tech sales with sleek displays seen here:Merchandising for Father's Day













Sports fever is a serious disease! If your customer’s father bleeds his favorite team’s color, you are definitely going to want to merchandise those hats, jerseys and collectibles in the right light. Mannequins, hat racks and display cases will help you here:Merchandising for Father's Day













For all the world traveling dads, portable gifts are a must! New leather passport holders, suitcases or carrying bags are all the rage. Feature your on-the-go merchandise in a way that will entice and make sense to your shoppers. See what works here:Merchandising for Father's Day













Attract your outdoorsy customers to reflect on your alfresco merchandise for dad. Highlight your utility knives, hiking boots, traveling water bottles and athletic gear in a way that resonates with them. Take a look below for some suggestions:Merchandising for Father's Day














Whatever you’re selling and whoever your customers are, we hope that you will find pleasure in merchandising your displays. If you have any questions, or need any help planning and/or designing a dad-related theme, message us and we’ll be glad to help!

And to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!


Happy retails,

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