Merchandising for Fall

Banana Republic WindowsWith fall in full blast, conumers are starting to turn their thoughts to the holiday season ahead. For retailers, fall is no excuse to slack off; it’s time to marry summer and winter goods and begin the transition to what we all like to call “Christmas Creep.”

Here’s a few easy-to-follow tips on how to get your store fall ready!

Make Your Merchandising Speak to Customers

Take advantage of signage that features shopping tips, promotions or anything that will help remind customers that it’s time to get ready for the cold weather.

Clean Up Your Sales Floor

To attract attention to your retail store, make sure your sales floor (or showroom) is free of clutter and well organized. This will help you attract customers who are likely to buy your merchandise. Also, don’t forget to rotate stock, fill in sparse fixtures where product looks a little light and redo displays from time to time so that your selling space looks fresh and new.

Emphasize Specials

If your store offers special services, products or discounts, make sure to promote this with smart in-store advertising. If it’s a service, be sure to have associates mention the special to all customers. Word of mouth, even in a store, is priceless! If it’s a product, reserve a spot in your retail store specifically highlighting the special item, and ensure proper signage so customers can comprehend the special. If it’s a discount, print little flyers or postcards your staff can hand out to customers. You can even place the flyers on fixtures so customers can grab them on their own.

Dress Up Your Displays

Merchandising your display to its fullest potential is an effective way to promote your retail store or any in-store promotions. Encourage fall sales by strategically placing items to catch customers’ attention to help remind them of the season and what they need (be it a jacket, a new pair of shoes, cologne, etc.) or could need for the following months to come.

Example 1: Hang scarves on the ends of your racks or style them on outfits hanging on face-outs.
Example 2: Display snow chains on a tire instead of keeping them boxed and stacked.
Example 3: Dress up a mannequin with a knitted beanie to endorse cold weather accessories.

Whatever you are selling, whatever the size retail store you have, merchandise to the best of your ability and spark fall sales. Fall is the season where consumers experience shopping fever. Have a plan and strategy to execute what will work best for your retail shop. Stay competitive and have fun merchandising!

MERCHANDISING TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t be afraid to try a few trendy styles that might catch the eye.

Happy retails,

Display Warehouse